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Classes & Workshops for Parents

...because a parent is a child's first teacher and a teen's primary influence.

As parents, we can all use a little help when navigating through the noise of a world that offers many confusing and conflicting messages. Our classes and workshops help parents to turn down the volume on messaging that can negatively impact the physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual health of our homes. Our presenters are experienced educators who believe that children and youth need parents and caregivers who are empowered with the knowledge and fortitude that it takes to recognize and to change unhealthy thinking and behaviors.

Contact us for more information about Parenting For Life (PFL) classes or to schedule a Turn Down The Volume (TDTV) workshop.  In-person and virtual sessions are available.

Great Parenting (Parts I & II)

A mutual, positive, long-lasting, emotional bond between parent and child through each stage of development is a protective factor throughout a child’s lifetime. High levels of parent-child connectedness produce security, hope and resiliency in children, from infancy through adolescence. In Great Parenting (Parts I/II), participants will explore various parenting styles and their consequences, the effects of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), ways to show love, and the three components of effective parenting.

Pamela Humes is the Director of Educational Outreach for Alternatives Care Centers and the Director of ReGen Next, LLC. As an educator, Pamela has broadened the outreach of Alternatives by providing educational services not only to its clients but to churches, community organizations, social service agencies, middle schools, high schools and universities, juvenile justice centers, and shelters for the homeless. Her presentations equip parents and youth with the necessary tools for informed decision-making, increased levels of parent-child connectedness and resiliency. She is a certified Building Family Connections (BFC) instructor for parents and other caregivers and sits on community task forces which address adolescent health concerns.  She is a member of the Michigan SRA (Sexual Risk Avoidance) Council. And, nationally, Pamela influences public policy and discourse as a consultant on projects that align with the mission of ReGen Next: to make healthy relationships the priority by providing programs that foster individual empowerment, parental engagement, and community support for risk avoidance strategies.

Pamela Humes